Helen's Blog - Monday July 14th

Hello there & hope you’re well & have had a great weekend. If you’re German or were supporting them last night, I bet you feel amazing!

On the show today it was day 4 of the ‘What am I’ & it is another rollover so here are the very latest clues

1: I can be a legal term

2: I was first heard of in the Old Testament  

3: Apparently Queen Victoria was not amused with me

4: I have been the name of several different novels – all unrelated

5: You often see me in TV adverts

6: I’ve always been popular amongst actors

7: Many bands have had my name as an album name

8: I was almost the name of a band



I saw this story today in metro.co.uk & had to share it with you as I love a happy ending.

Don’t look back, keep running, keep running.’

These words take us back to that awful childhood memory of Bambi’s mother’s final moments.

Luckily for this real-life fawn, mankind actually reunites it with its mother.

The Good Samaritan in this case was retired military veteran, Todd Dierdorff, who was videoed helping out and uploaded the clip onto his Facebook page.

Mr Dierdorff hauled the trapped baby deer out of a gap near a basement window while its anxious mother looked on.


Cover art for Rotterdam

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