Helen's Blog - Monday June 30th 2014

Hi there

It was a brand new What am I on the show today on Swansea Sound

Here are the clues I gave out & I shall be adding some more tomorrow

1: It’s been thought that cavemen used a version of me

2: It’s also thought that ancient Greece & China used versions of me


I saw this story today in Metro.co.uk & it’s so sweet

It might seem completely unnatural – but there’s no arguing with the fact it’s pretty cute.

YouTube user Connor Brassington from Berrien Springs, Michigan, posted a short clip of his new adopted kitten sitting on his shoulder, to record its rather bizarre meow.

Actually, forget ‘meow’ – it sounds more like the pop of bubble gum.

Cats have been known to make similar noises when startled or surprised - and the corner of its owner’s glasses may have done that.

Either way, it’s a video of a cute cat – what’s not to like?

It’s only a short video but oh so cute

Cover art for Many Rivers To Cross

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