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Helen's Blog - Monday March 10th 2014

Hello there.

Hope you’re well today & have had a great weekend. Best not mention the rugby eh! So gutted but on a positive wasn’t it a gorgeous day yesterday!!

On the show today there will be a brand new What am I as Sheila from Penlan guessed I was a jar of jam. I am something completely different today so tune in for you chance to win a prize

Just to give you a heads up, later this week I will be chatting to the very talented Sophie Ellis Bextor. She will also be performing an acoustic song live in the studio


I absolutely love this & thought I would share it with you

A young woman has filmed herself speaking gibberish in a string of different accents to show how people speaking foreign languages sound - at least to her.

Nineteen-year-old Sara from Finland uses her remarkable skill for mimicry to show what different languages sound to foreigners who don't understand them.

Her caricatures are so good that, to anyone who doesn't know the languages she is imitating, she could almost be a fluent speaker. you see this image, tap to view all the images in a gallery

Her British accent is pure London youth, complete with a sprinkling of 'innits' and glottal stops in the place of her 'tee' consonants, while her American accent is reminiscent of California.

Like all the best mimics, she even replicates the body language of the cultures whose language she's imitating.

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