Helen's Blog - Monday May 19th 2014

Hi there
Hope you're well & have had a great weekend in the glorious weather we had.


On the show all this week I'll be getting a daily tip from fitness & nutrition expert Tara Hammett
She was recently on the BBC's show called 'Is My Job Killing Me' where she put staff from the DVLA through their paces.


I'm also trying her 7 day detox & will keep you updated on my daily progress with an extra blog of photos of my food & a quick video diary & also tips from the fabulous Tara.

The official start of her detox is next Monday May 26th, so if you would like to try it you can get in touch with Tara via Facebook or Twitter.

Tara popped in on Saturday to the studio to tell me about the detox plan

On the show today it will be day 6 of the What am I & I'll have some clues for you later on in the show.

1: I am named after someone famous
2: There is even a dance made about me
3: I am associated with a certain bear
4: I have a connection with Graceland
5: You can get me in all colours
6: There was even a TV series about me where I was magical 
7: I have a long name & a shorter version
8: I have been around since the early 19th century
9: You can get me in with loads of different patterns
10: I am not to be confused with a pie

To leave you today check out this news craze... Oh you have to have a baby & an eyebrow pen!


Cover art for You Wear It Well

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Phil Hoyles playing Rod Stewart - You Wear It Well