Helen's Blog - Thursday April 3rd

Hello and how are you today?

Hope all is well.

On the show today I shall be giving away a pair of tickets to Ffos Las Race Course this Sunday.

It is also day 3 of the current What am I & here are the latest clues:

1: I made history

2: I was the first of my kind in the world ( first railway tram in world)

3: I was first used in the early 1800s

4: I have broken several world records

5: I’m a bit of a legend

6: In the early days where I worked it was a bit of a mare!



A monkey in a rabbit suit… vegetables masquerading as rodents… insulting dogs with ‘rude’ names.

April Fool’s Day may have been and gone, but the RSPCA is expecting a lot more silliness before its ’busiest year ever’ is over.

The animal welfare charity has revealed some of the most ridiculous calls received by its 24-hour cruelty line in a bid to discourage time-wasters.

So far this year the organisation has dealt with reports of a monkey dressed in a rabbit suit (which a caller demanded officers investigate), a ‘sick rat’ in a woman’s kitchen which later turned out to be an onion and an invitation for an RSPCA officer to attend a birthday lunch.

Another caller was insulted by someone describing their cross-breed as a ‘mongrel’, while someone else called the line to ask when they could expect to see – and hear – mating foxes.

And that’s just since January. Calls to the line have risen by more 50 per cent since 2011, and the RSPCA expects the trend to continue.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Dermot Murphy says: ‘In one recent case we had a call from someone who was convinced they had a rat in their kitchen, which they thought was unwell as it hadn’t moved in some time. When we arrived our inspector soon discovered it was in fact an onion that had rolled out of their shopping bag and onto the floor.

‘Many of these calls are not made in malice, and of course much as we would like to help everyone, we simply haven’t got the staff to personally investigate each and every issue that the public brings to us, so we must prioritise to make sure we get to the animals most in need.’



A missing cat has been reunited with its distraught owners – after spending five days trapped inside a sofa.

Ten-year-old Crockett sparked a frantic search when he disappeared from the family home.

Pauline and Bill Lowe, both 66, were at their wits’ end because the grey tabby had never gone away before.

Unknown to them, the curious cat had sneaked into a four-seater sofa the couple were donating to charity.

Workers collected the furniture, along with the cat, and took it to St Luke’s Hospice charity shop in Grays, Essex.

Crockett sat quietly inside the sofa for four days on the shop floor despite being surrounded by volunteers and shoppers.

He was only discovered when the sofa’s new owners heard a meowing coming from their furniture. They phoned the shop, which contacted his owners.

‘We can’t believe how he must have tucked himself into the inside of the sofa during the short time the bottom had been removed and remained silent for so long,’ said Mrs Lowe, of Corringham, Essex.

‘He is a lovely cat and we are delighted to have him back.’

She added Crockett appeared none the worse for wear after his sofa surfing adventure


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