Helen's Blog - Thursday February 13th 2014

Hope you’re well today & all safe & well after the events of yesterday

I don’t think I have known an afternoon like it.

On the show it was day 3 of the What am I as I didn’t do it yesterday due to the weather & the reports of fallen trees. 

Here are the clues so far:

1: I have roots

2: I am native to Europe & some parts of Asia

3: I am known around the world though

4: I am used a lot in Chinese traditional medicine

5: I am made into many different things

6: My name is derived from old French from a Greek name

7: I love valleys

8: I also like the sun

9: Too much of me isn’t too good for you


Jack Sparrow video-bombs TV interview

An extremely convincing Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike has video-bombed a television interview in Brazil.

Neither interviewer nor interviewee notice a blue door open behind them and a dead ringer for Johnny Depp's Hollywood pirate walk out into the street.

The pirate mimics Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean routine perfectly as he saunters into the middle of the road.

He pauses, poses pirate-style, waves to the camera and then theatrically flounces back through the door.

Thousands of people have watched the video on YouTube but it's not still clear whether the pirate was a talented mimic - or Mr Depp on his holidays!


Pizza worker's 'D'oh' moment caught on camera

A pizzeria worker could be in trouble after learning the hard way that dough rises after it has been put to one side.

Passer-by Ailsa Burn-Murdoch took this photograph of pizza dough expanding out of a recycling bin outside a branch of Papa John's in Edinburgh.

She posted the photograph on Twitter where it quickly went viral - soliciting a response from the pizza chain.

She had tweeted: "I have a feeling @PapaJohnsUK owe a local sanitation worker free pizza for a year."

And the company responded quickly: "Thanks for letting us know about this. We're currently investigating this further directly with the store."



Cover art for Believe

On Air

Steve Shaw playing Cher - Believe