Helen's Blog - Thursday July 17th 2014

Hi there & how are you today?

Hope you’re well & enjoying this gorgeous weather we’re having today

It is another rollover on the ‘What Am I’ as it didn’t go today & tomorrow it will be day 8 & here are the latest clues for you:

1: I can be a legal term

2: I was first heard of in the Old Testament  

3: Apparently Queen Victoria was not amused with me

4: I have been the name of several different novels – all unrelated

5: You often see me in TV adverts

6: I’ve always been popular amongst actors

7: Many bands have had my name as an album name

8: I was almost the name of a band

9: I am the name of a type of school

10: I am the name of a British qualification

11: I can be part of the name of a charity or non-profit organisation

12: I used to be called a pan-cake

13: I was the name of a Canadian TV sitcom

14: I am often nude



I was so delighted last night to be asked to join Swansea Sound’s 40th Birthday celebrations. I believe this is the first of many. Of course there is the big one on July 27th with Katherine Jenkins & support from Only Boys Aloud at Singleton Park.

Click here for ticket info on the concert: http://www.swanseasound.co.uk/katherine-jenkins/

Last night I went along to the Oxwich bay Hotel for a barbeque in a marquee with the most fabulous food & company with presenters of today & of yesterday. It was incredible to meet Charles Braham who was the gentleman who founded Swansea Sound in 1974.

Check out the photos from last night by clicking here: http://www.swanseasound.co.uk/pics-and-vids/


Thought I’d share a few with you. Here I am with our breakfast presenter & local legend Kev Johns








Not forgetting the wonder that is Smithy from the Saturday morning breakfast show.








I just love this view overlooking Oxwich Bay




And just look at this amazing cake from Lewis Pies











As usual I like to leave you with something funny & I love the things my Sally gets up to but this dog clearly has a talent. This is from metro.co.uk

Usually a dog’s talents extend to chasing a ball and rolling in dead animals.

But one pooch has attempted to break the mould by showcasing his skills on the piano – not to mention his ability to hold a tune.

The young Basenji hops up on the stool, bashes the keys and shreds his vocal chords in an epic ballad dedicated to something us humans will presumably never understand.

Is this dog a future number one?

Cover art for Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now

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Dave Brookes playing Starship - Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now