Helen's Blog - Thursday July 3rd 2014

Hi there & hope you’re well today

Today on the show it was day 4 of the What am I & it is another rollover so here are the latest clues ready for tomorrow

1: It’s been thought that cavemen used a version of me

2: It’s also thought that ancient Greece & China used versions of me

3: I can vary in size

4: You would probably see some kind of me wherever you look outside

5: I am very much still in use today

6: I am used worldwide

7: In the early 20th century 2 brothers had a company with my name

8: Sometimes I’m made of wood

Incorrect guesses

Paint brush, axe, chisel, red light, make-up, traffic lights , traffic signs, kite, old Morgan cars,



Love this from metro.co.uk today

Let’s start the day right – with a video of sliding goats.

Watch three animals as they queue up for a go on this homemade slide at a farm.

The amigos dash up a wooden plank before losing grip and enjoying the slippery ride down.

The two-minute clip was posted on YouTube by Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia.

Its philosophy: ‘If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?’

Maybe we should all live on this farm.



Its day 4 of Tara Hammett’s 21 Day Challenge & I think I’m in the craving stage today.

Here is yesterday’s photo with a breakfast of eek yogurt with some peanut butter & whey protein & it was yummy. For lunch I had an asparagus, spinach & red onion omelette. Now I know I need to work on my presentation but it tasted lovely. Tea was a tuna salad but forgot to take a photo. Was starving!!


I am waking up with aching stomach muscles from Tara's workouts, shows how often I use them!





Cover art for Move On Up

On Air

Dave Brookes playing Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up