Helen's Blog - Thursday June 26th 2014

Hi there, hope you’re well today
It was day 6 of the What am I today & sadly it didn’t go so it will be another rollover but here are the very latest clues:

1: I can be any shape or size

2: I can be an animal

3: Some people study me

4: One type of me can be found in outer space

5: I am seriously old

6: Sometimes I can be as cold as ice (snowflakes)

7: I go through a certain process to be what I am

8: I can grow

9: I am recognised by my angle

10: There are many different types of me

11: You can make me into many things

12:  I can be many different colours

Here are all the incorrect guess I’ve had this week

Tent, hot air balloon, balloon, rubber dingy, fish, bouncy castle, clouds, a star, moon, meteor, icicles stalactites, asteroid, Pluto, ice cube, fossil, black hole, butterfly & bacteria.


Now if you think rush hour on the train is busy or on International days going to Cardiff are metal well check this out. This is rush hour in Beijing & I don’t think I shall ever be catching this train



I had to share this with you as a good friend of mine sadly lost her son in Afghanistan & is doing something quite incredible to help others.

Three years ago Amanda Jones had the worse news any parent could ever want to hear that her son Dean Mead had been killed in action whilst serving in Afghanistan with the Royal Marine’s 42 Commando Lima Company.

Since then with the help of her lovely daughter Jess Mead & other family & friends Amanda works tirelessly raising money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trusts.

They are taking on a mammoth task of a 30 mile walk this weekend & what is so amazing is that there will be 3 generations of the same family as Amanda will be joined by her daughter Jess & her mum Pat Jones.

Some of Amanda’s friends will also be talking on this mega walk.

They will be doing this 30 mile treck across Dartmoor which is the final test in becomming a Royal Marine & if that wasn't hard enough they will be walking it in full RM kit.

Amanda is part of a group called the Magnificent 7

They are a mixed group of serving (past and present) RM's, family of their Magnificent Seven and others mad enough to give this a go!!

Their annual challenge has one aim, to remember and pay tribute to 7 very Magnificent Royal Marines who were killed in action during OpHerrick 14 in 2011.


Mne Nigel ‘Deano’ Mead RM 09 10 91 - 15 05 11
Lt Oliver ‘Ollie’ Augustin RM 16 03 88 – 27 05 11
Mne Samuel ‘Sam’ Alexander MC RM 16 06 82 – 27 05 11 
LCpl Martin ‘Fish’ Gill RM 14 08 88 – 05 06 11
Mne James Wright RM 18 11 88 – 05 08 11
Sgt Barry ‘Baz’ Weston RM 27 02 71 - 30 08 11 
Mne David Fairbrother RM 23 02 87 - 19 09 11

Gentlemen, today, and every day, we do, and will, remember.


This year they are ramping up!! Not only is it a 30 mile, but they aim to complete this in the Commando test time of 8 hours, which is 2 hours quicker than last year.

Whether this time is achieved or not, their purpose remains the same, to remember their 7.

Please support them & once again they are raising for the Royal Marines Association (RMA) a cause close to the heart of the Corps.

 Any donation, small or otherwise is VERY much appreciated and definitely helps them on our way.

They couldn't do this without your support.
Please click on link to find out how you can donate



Here's a gorgeous photo of Amanda with her daughter Jess & the rest of the family














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