Helen's Blog - Thursday June 5th

 Hi there & hope you're well today

On the show today it was day 5 What am I & it didn't go so here are the latest clues:


1: I have been around since the middle ages
2: There are antique versions of me
3: The Victorians loved me
4: I have a sole purpose
5: Some people collect me
6: You can even get famous versions of me

7: I was first found in Europe

8: I used to be a bird

9: Some people even wear me on their wrist

10: You wouldn't always wear me, probably most people don’t


Thought I’d share this with you from Tuesday night when I was hosting the Shirley Bassey tribute show ‘This Is me’ starring the amazing Rachael Roberts at the Grand Theatre.


I cannot believe how much she was like our great Dame. She sounded like, looked like her & moved like her too.


If you are a fan of Bassey make sure you catch her the next time she is in this area. You will not be disappointed


Here I am with the star of the show & my good friends who are Bassey mad.




Earlier in the week when I had a few days off I had been up to see my very good friend who was in a play in Guildford & she lives in a gorgeous part of Hampshire. It’s absolutely stunning.


We went to Odiham castle which is literally around the corner from her home.


Yeah I had to have a rest!






We also went to what has to be one of the prettiest pubs I’ve ever been to set in such gorgeous grounds. It’s the Mill House which is still a working mill & is so pretty




Thought I’d leave you with this today as I saw it the other day & loved it

Now if you’ve ever wondered what happens if you boil the drink coke, then wonder no more

It’s probably what you’d expect to happen.

A man in Russia though he would give it a try.

Oooh that reminds me my walls need plastering









Cover art for Sledgehammer

On Air

Steve Shaw playing Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer