Helen's Blog - Thursday May 15th 2014

Hi there

Hope you’re well today & enjoying the sunhsone


On the show today it will be day 4 of the What am I. You cab win a prize if you can guess what I am. I’m also giving away another CD on the show.

Here are the very latest 'What am I' clues

1: I am named after someone famous

2: There is even a dance made about me

3: I am associated with a certain bear

4: I have a connection with Graceland

5: You can get me in all colours

6: There was even a TV series about me where I was magical


I saw this today & had to show you as I thought it was fabulous


A newly-married man and his mum surprised guests at the wedding when their slow dance to Fleetwood Mac turned into a hilarious dance mashup.

The video, which has gone viral with 2,852,687 hits on YouTube, shows the mother and son throwing some serious shapes to tracks like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Psy’s Gangnam Style.

Guests break into cheers and surprised applause when Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide suddenly changes to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and the pair stop slow dancing – only to start busting moves.

Even the bride wasn’t in on it, clapping through the routine and rushing over to hug her new mother-in-law as soon as the dance was finished.

Cover art for Move On Up

On Air

Dave Brookes playing Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up