Helen's Blog - Tuesday April 22nd

Hello & hope you're well today

There will be a brand new What am I on the show this afternoon as on Good Friday I was an Easter Bonnet. (Well I had to do something with Easter didn't I)

Make sure you tune in for a chance to win a prize & hear some fabulous music!

I love this story & had to share it with you

This is the humbling reaction of Noah, a student with Down Syndrome as he gets into college.

Anyone who gets accepted into college is understandably over the moon. It's an incredible achievement for students who have worked hard and put in the hours.

But for Noah VanVooren, it is the best thing in the whole entire world to have ever happened. Ever. He's so excited in fact, he takes his hoody off.

Noah, an 18-year-old from Wisconsin was born with Down Syndrome. However that hasn't stopped him getting into Edgewood College. He'll be taking a four year-long course as part of the institution's Cutting Edge programme, a college experience for students with developmental disabilities.

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