Helen's Blog - Tuesday April 8th 2014

Hi there! Hope you're well today

On the show today it will be day 6 of the What am I.

It's your chance to win a prize, all you have to do is guess what I am

Here are the latest clues:

1: I made history

2: I was the first of my kind in the world

3: I was first used in the early 1800s

4: I have broken several world records

5: I’m a bit of a legend

6: In the early days where I worked it was a bit of a mare!

7: I have had 3 incarnations

8: I had a strong connection with French

9: I had a nickname at one point – half bird & half kid –

10: On a special (my 150) birthday local children had the day off to celebrate

11: There were often a lot of fights & injuries over me

12: People signed petitions over me

13: I am a mode of transport

14: I had close links with Merthyr

15: I survived the blitz

I had to share this video with you today.

It's a Chinese artist called Liu Bolin who is know as the world's first invisible man. There are no special effectsbut it's all done through art.

Here are photos of his work. See if you can find him.



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