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Helen's Blog - Tuesday February 18th 2014

Hello there & hope you’re well today.

On the show it will be day 6 of the ‘What am I’. Make sure you tune in for your chance to win a prize. Here are the latest clues

1: I have roots

2: I am native to Europe & some parts of Asia

3: I am known around the world though

4: I am used a lot in Chinese traditional medicine

5: I am made into many different things

6: My name is derived from old French from a Greek name

7: I love valleys

8: I also like the sun

9: Too much of me isn’t too good for you

10: You have to harvest me

11: It takes around 2 to 3 years for me to grow

12: One of the things I am used in is bad for your health

13: I am from a plant

14: I have been used in many medicines 

15: I can be many different colours

Being a huge Will Smith fan I just had to share this with you. Very entertaining!

Will Smith has joined Jimmy Fallon to bust out some moves for a hip hop dance video.

Entitled Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing, the segment was featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

It was Fallon’s first show as host after taking over from Jay Leno and he treated his audience to a special dance-off with the film sta

The video showed the pair, dressed in denim dungarees and Timberland boots, showing off some classic hip hop moves including The Robot, Kid ‘N Play and the MC Hammer.

Smith even joined in for the Carlton, Alfonso Ribeiro’s signature dance on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

But when Fallon started twerking, Miley Cyrus’ favourite move, Smith stormed off.

In an interview on the show, Smith revealed his tips for being successful – the same advice he gives to his kids.

He said: ‘I tell them keep loving people. Your art is a gift to people to help their lives be better and to be brighter.

‘What happens a lot of times when you see people fail in this business is they’re in it for their ego and they’re doing it for them.’



couple’s wedding day crumbled in front of their eyes when three of their guests were arrested over a fight involving a pork pie.

Celebrations at the Harold Club in Bradford, West Yorks, were cut short on Saturday night when police were called to the venue after a reported disturbance linked to the snack.

Officers in the Dog Unit at West Yorkshire Police took to Twitter following the facade, revealing that they had been called to a ‘large fight’ at a wedding.

The tweet added: “All started over a pork pie apparently! #clubclosed #dayruined.”

 A West Yorkshire Police spokesman confirmed a number of officers attended an incident at the Harold Club on Saturday at around 7.20pm.

He said three arrests were made, including two for assault and one for a public order matter.

“The premises was closed to prevent further problems,” he added. “Police left just after 8pm.”


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