Helen's Blog - Tuesday July 15th 2014

Hello there & hope you’re well
On the show today is was Day 5 of the What Am I & it is another rollover, so here are the latest clues for you:

1: I can be a legal term

2: I was first heard of in the Old Testament  

3: Apparently Queen Victoria was not amused with me

4: I have been the name of several different novels – all unrelated

5: You often see me in TV adverts

6: I’ve always been popular amongst actors

7: Many bands have had my name as an album name

8: I was almost the name of a band

9: I am the name of a type of school

10: I am the name of a British qualification


Well this was a shock today who knew that Tapioca Pudding had its own special day… Really!!

Tapioca Pudding Day could well be the day to redeem the nightmares of school puddings and rediscover the delights of tapioca when the mysterious grey sludge is actually done properly.
Luckily, modern cooks and recipe-book writers have exerted a bit more imagination on the question of how best to use the cassava root flour, so you’ll be able to find many more appealing variations on the old classic.
Start with tapioca flour, or pearls or even whole root. Try it with cream, milk or coconut milk. Mix in spices, fruit or citrus juices. Layer it with chocolate or jam or tasty syrups. Make it thin and runny, or chunky and firm. Try whipping in an egg or two. Explore variants from every continent. There are even savoury puddings, if you don’t have such a sweet tooth.
Then be thankful it’s just once a year.



I have to say it does conjure up my old school days. My favourite pudding has to be Hot Chocolate Fudge cake that my friend makes for me. This was my birthday last year. I put on 3lb by just looking at it!





Being a dog lover I absolutely loved this from Metro.co.uk today

Remember that one kid who wouldn’t shut up at a sleep-over when everyone was finally dozing off?

Well here’s the dog version of that kid.

In this dog-shaming video a guy films himself getting comfy and attempting to nod off multiple times.

But his pet doesn’t make it easy.

The pooch cuddles up beside him and remains still for about one second before it starts clawing his chest and licking his face.

At one point the mutt even stands on his owner’s stomach to get his attention.

This reminds me of my dog Sally. I love it!

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