Helen's Blog - Tuesday July 1st 2014

Hi there & hope you're well today

On the show today it was day 2 of the 'What Am I' & along with the latest on the roads, news, sport, showbiz, the daily chat with the South Wales Evening Post & of course some amazing music for your Tuesday afternoon.

Here are the latest clues...

1: It’s been thought that cavemen used a version of me

2: It’s also thought that ancient Greece & China used versions of me

3: I can vary in size

4: You would probably see some kind of me wherever you look outside



I cannot wait for this December as I am doing my first ever panto. I have acted before & been in plays but never panto. So imagine how delighted I was this year when Mark Jermin asked me to be in his panto Cinderella at the Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen.

Now you've probably guessed I am not Cinderella! Well every panto has to have a baddie & I am the mother of all baddies, oh yes Cinderella's wicked step-mother who is the Countess of Caerfyrddin.

I was asked to pop along to The Carmarthen Journal yesterday when Jermin Productions were auditioning the role of The Prince. There was some amazing talent there so I'm very excited to see who will get the role. Playing Cinderella is the lovely Emily Tucker from Pobl Y Cwm.

I saw this pop up yesterday & just had to have a photo with errrrr …..... me!

To book tickets in advance call 0845 2263510 or look online www.theatrausirgar.co.uk #LyricPantoCarms
Panto dates are December 10th to 21st 2014



Also don't forget there is still time ladies to sign up for Swansea's Race For Life which is on Sunday July 27th at 10am.

I would love you in my team 'Hel's Angels' but please join any team & let’s fight cancer
Cancer we’re coming to get you!

Sign up here: http://www.swanseasound.co.uk/race-for-life-2014-with-bassetts-citroen-and-the-gym-swansea/





Yesterday I decided to take on a bit of a challenge especially after loving Tara Hammett’s 7 Day Detox, I thought I would try her 21 Day Challenge which involves following her exercise routines in the morning & eating clean food, which means no sugar, no processed foods, nothing with an E number in it & if I can’t pronounce any of the ingredients… it’s not allowed.




So here is what I had yesterday: For breakfast a lovely Green Smoothies with cucumber, spinach, celery, water, pinch of cinnamon & a banana & then blitz it

For lunch it was a tuna salad & then for tea I made chicken marinated in coconut oil & turmeric with roasted vegetables. It was yummy!

For my snack I had an apple with some mixed nuts. Sorry didn’t take a photo of that but you can guess what they look like :-) 


Cover art for Love Shack

On Air

Tom Cadwalladr playing B-52'S - Love Shack