Helen's Blog - Tuesday June 24th 2014

Hi there & hope you’re well today

It was day 4 of the ‘What am I’ on theb show today & it will be another rollover

Here are the latest clues:

1: I can be any shape or size

2: I can be an animal

3: Some people study me

4: One type of me can be found in outer space

5: I am seriously old

6: Sometimes I can be as cold as ice

7: I go through a certain process to be what I am

8: I can grow

Here are all the incorrect guesses:

Tent, hot air balloon, balloon, rubber dingy, fish, bouncy castle, clouds, a star, moon, meteor, icicles stalactites, asteroid, Pluto, ice cube, fossil, black hole, butterfly, bacteria,


Now as it’s my birthday today I thought I would treat myself & have my nails done & I love them.








I also decided today that I am eating whatever I like. These didn’t last very long!









Thought I would share something fun with you today. I love this story from metro.co.uk

While some of us are naturally outgoing, for many of us social interaction is a source of constant fear.

If you’re one of the people who get palpitations at the mere thought of meeting someone new, we’ve found your spirit animal.

This poor moggy tentatively pops his head up over the sofa, clearly afraid to emerge from his comfort zone.

Unfortunately he is met with a hiss for his troubles, and promptly heads back to his hiding place.

This is basically me at every party…


Cover art for True Faith

On Air

Dave Brookes playing New Order - True Faith