Helen's Blog - Tuesday March 11th

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On the show today it was day 2 of the What am I & here are the latest clues:

1: Sometimes I can be artificial

2: Newton had the original idea of me

3: I like to travel & see the world

4: You would use me at some point during the day

5: I have been around since the 50s

6: I was half the name of a band 


You really shouldn’t laugh at this – but you will.

Behold, the awesome power of the ice cream van and the Pied Piper-esque grip it has over millions of children worldwide.

The reaction of these two boys perfectly demonstrate how the sound of an ice cream van can bewitch even the busiest of young minds.

One moment they are happily munching on a slice of toast in the kitchen, the next they slip into an ice cream trance as they are summoned by the van’s chimes.

They make a dash for the sweet stuff – with hilarious consequences.


A family were forced to flee their home and have it fumigated after finding hundreds of potentially deadly spiders - in a bunch of bananas.

Shocked father Jamie Roberts, 31, of Hednesford, Staffordshire, spotted white patches covering pieces of the fruit from a local shop after he put them in a bowl - but assumed this was mould.

However, upon closer inspection, he realised the fruit was infested with a spider nest - and immediately rang pest controllers who advised his family to leave their home immediately.

Mr Roberts - a civil servant, who suffers from arachnophobia - and his wife Crystal, 30, along with their two children Georgina, seven, and five-year-old son Joshua, left their home on February 24.

Pest controllers spent 24 hours fumigating their home but the family were only allowed back three days later after the toxic vapours used to kill the spiders had cleared.

The spiders have not been officially identified but the family believe they could have been the world’s most poisonous Brazilian Wandering Spider.

Mr Roberts said: ‘It was terrifying - especially for me because I have a phobia of spiders. We bought the bananas from the local shop and there were in a fruit bowl on the window sill in the kitchen.

‘One day I picked one up because it looked mouldy because it had patches of white on it.

‘I knew something was wrong because then I noticed the white patches were all over the window sill and the curtains and I could see tiny legs and realised they were spiders.



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