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Helen's Blog - Tuesday May 6th 2014 - Little Ducklings

HI there!

Hope you're well today & enjoyed your bank Holiday

On the show today along with great music, all the latest news, sport, showbiz, traffic & travel news, it will be day 4 of the What am I.

Here are the latest clues:

1: The idea of me was first thought of post-World War 2

2: A prototype which was related to me was built in late 40s but I was kept as a secret by the military

3: I can go at different speeds

4: I was eventually invented in the mid-60s

5: I was made of wood when I first came out

6: Some people could say that one thing that I do is rude, but it's not!

7: I would say I am now in most homes

8: You'd think I'd like a certain type of fruit


Thought I would share this with you today


13 ducklings have taken a man as their mother after he hatched and fostered them in his incubator.

This unnamed hero, in caring for these baby ducks, is now in imprinted in their brains as their mother.

Until they reach a certain level of maturity, they will continue to follow him closely en masse.

As they grow older, the ducklings will apparently follow him less and less until they become fully independent.

The YouTube video, taken by his neighbour, has now reached over 110,000 views.

So sweet!

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