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Helen's Blog - Wednesday 16th July 2014

Hi there & hope you’re well today

On the show earlier it was day 6 of the ‘What Am I’ & guess what is still didn’t go so it’s another rollover tomorrow.

Here are the very latest clues for you & make sure you get in touch tomorrow & have a go.

1: I can be a legal term

2: I was first heard of in the Old Testament  

3: Apparently Queen Victoria was not amused with me

4: I have been the name of several different novels – all unrelated

5: You often see me in TV adverts

6: I’ve always been popular amongst actors

7: Many bands have had my name as an album name

8: I was almost the name of a band

9: I am the name of a type of school

10: I am the name of a British qualification

11: I can be part of the name of a charity or non profit organisation

12: I used to be called a pan-cake

Now you know I love my animal videos so I just had to share this with you today from the Huffington Post

St. Bernard Is Simultaneously Baffled By, And In Love With, Her New Kitten Friend

I will never get tired of observing big creatures' fascination with little creatures.

Bella, the St. Bernard in the video below, is understandably intrigued by the tiny furry animal in front of her.

The kitten seems to bring up so many questions for Bella, like "what is it?" and "can I have it?" also "why won't it play with me?" and finally, "if I do a little dance for it, will it play with me?"

Bella only has eyes for her new kitten. When another dog comes over at the 0:38 mark, Bella is all "Get out of here. This is my kitty."

I just hope Bella continues to be just as excited about her new pal when she finds out it's a cat.


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