Helen's Blog - Wednesday April 9th


Coming up on the show today will be day 7 of the 'What am I'. I'll have lots of great music for you but make sure you tune in for a chance to win a prize. 

Here are the latest clues:

1: I made history

2: I was the first of my kind in the world ( first railway tram in world)

3: I was first used in the early 1800s

4: I have broken several world records

5: I’m a bit of a legend

6: In the early days where I worked it was a bit of a mare!

7: I have had 3 incarnations

8: I had a strong connection with French 

9: I had a nickname at one point – half bird & half kid – 

10: On a special (my 150) birthday local children had the day off to celebrate

11: There were often a lot of fights & injuries over me

12: People signed petitions over me

13: I am a mode of transport

14: I had close links with Merthyr

15: I survived the blitz

16: I am no longer in use today

17: I broke another world record for methods of using me

18: There were 7 in total & here they are - horse, sail, steam, battery, petrol, diesel, and electric


I love this video!

A street performer was left shocked after he got served by a ‘police officer’ on the dance floor.

A man in an officer’s uniform surprised onlookers when he jumped into the middle of the creative clash in New York and showed he had better dance moves than most of the people there. A video of the incident showed a man in a black top dancing.

The performer was impressing the public when out of nowhere the supposed New York police department officer got involved. The man, in full uniform, proved to be a formidable opponent and clinched victory when he performed the ‘backwards worm’ dance.

Reddit user BBoyElusive has since claimed he was the ‘police officer’ in the video.

He also revealed he didn’t actually work for the NYPD and was just playing an officer in a film that day.

Cover art for Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

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Steve Shaw playing Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic