Helen's Blog - Wednesday February 19th 2014

Hello there & hope you’re well today.

It was a brand new ‘What am I’ on the show today after Dean from Manselton correctly guessed I was ‘liquorice’ on Day 6.

Here are the clues from today:

1: I am thought to be the oldest one of what I am in the world today

2: I am still in use today

3: It is thought that I have been around since the 13th century

If you thought watching the luge races at Sochi was exciting, then this video will really get your pulse racing.

Matt Mortensen, who represents the U.S. in men's double luge, has created a video that takes the viewer on a ride down the infamous Russian luge track.

The incredible footage, shot with a GoPro camera, shows Mortensen flying past spectators and camera men at speeds of over 80 mph.

Mortensen is plunging down the twisting ice track in what is effectively a souped-up tea tray that sits atop a pair of razor-sharp steel blades.

The 28-year-old from Huntington came 14th in the Doubles luge run on Wednesday but this video was taken in 2012 as he was preparing for the race.

Check out the video



The warm romantic glow of Valentine's Day has faded quickly, and British women are already getting in line to moan about their men.

In a damming verdict of the hairier sex, it seems their female partners consider them flatulent snorers who hog the TV remote, refuse to admit when they're wrong, and are completely incapable of doing more than  one thing as a time.

They can also be incredibly stubborn, not at all spontaneous, and more than a little whiffy.

In fact, its amazing women put up with men at all, if the results of a survey of 2,100 attached women by Costa Bingo are to be believed. 

Seven out of every 10 women polled said that their partner had annoying habits, and the male trait that irritates most is plain old-fashioned stubbornness.

Some 54 per cent of women who say their boyfriends have annoying habits point to their guy's refusal to admit when they're wrong as the main source of friction.

Evenings in front of the TV are often fraught with tension, with more than four in 10 women complaining over their partner's reluctance to give up the remote.

But most of our grievances with boys relate to their bodily functions; four in ten of us hate our partner's habit of breaking wind in public, and almost a third complain about snoring.

More than a third of women who grumbled were irritated by their other half's inability to multitask, but those classic male sins - shirking housework and ogling other women - bothered fewer: just 23 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively.

And women, it seems, are not suffering in silence; almost 90 per cent confronted their partners over their bad habits, and 62 per cent had grumbled to friends and family about them.

Yet for all the frustration annoying habits cause, they are seen as a major source of arguments by only two in five women.


Never admits he’s wrong – 54 per cent of women found this annoying

Hogs the TV remote – 42%

Breaks wind in public – 38%

Unable to multi-task – 34%

Snores – 31%

Never surprises me – 27%

Ignores me when I’m talking – 23%

Never does housework – 23%

Staring at other women – 20%

Watching too much sport – 19%




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