Helen's Blog - Wednesday February 5th 2014

HI there & how are you today?

I have to say I was shocked last night to hear of the sacking of Swans manager Michael Laudrup. All the details are on the homepage here. I just hope it doesn’t affect the boys performance this Saturday as this is a game we need to win & get more points. Fingers crossed

On the show today there will be a brand new What am I as Alison from Stradey in Llanelli guessed I was a ‘jackhammer’

Here are some of the stories form the papers today:

Who said romance was dead? Or entrepreneurial spirit for that matter, judging from this advert for a Valentine’s Day dinner at a McDonald’s.

Not only will you and your date be able to share a Happy Meal in the slightly restrictive dinner timeslot of 6pm to 8pm, but you will also be greeted at the door and enjoy some rare fast food table service.

‘All you have to do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy your romantic evening with your date,’ the advert states, before adding the killer line of: ‘Featuring musical selections by Ron.’

The reddit user who posted this on imgur was initially reluctant to reveal where the photo was taken, but it later emerged it was Southport in North Carolina, in the US.

The response to the advert was broadly positive, with one user noting: ‘Chances are this is a privately owned franchise of a McDonald’s by a family and they are doing this on their own will. Keep in mind not everyone can afford to take their girlfriend to a nice restaurant and this may be something nice to do.’

‘I’d take my girlfriend just to do something different this year, and get to say we had a fine dining experience at McDonald’s,’ another added. ‘Seems like it would be a good laugh.’


They have become a quick and easy way of learning about everything from world affairs to the affairs of friends.  But Twitter and Facebook may be eroding our ability to think.

Researchers believe speed, volume and ease with which information is shared through social networking sites may be making it more difficult for us to think analytically.

The warning comes from Dr Iyad Rahwan, an honorary fellow at the University of Edinburgh, who said that while the popular sites may appear to be making us smarter, any improvement in intelligence is merely superficial.

The computing expert studied how being part of a network of people affects how we learn.


Now this is just bizarre

Passengers on New York's Subway looked on in amazement as a commuter started eating her designer handbag.

The woman, said to be a model, started nibbling away at a corner of the bag before tucking in to her meal in earnest.

Fellow commuters look on bemused as she appears to enjoy her unusual snack - eventually offering a bite to the man sitting next to her.

The video is actually an advert for a cooking school in the city, which apparently specialises in cakes shaped like handbags.

Cover art for Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now

On Air

Dave Brookes playing Starship - Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now