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Helen's Blog - Wednesday June 18th

Hi there, Hope your’e well

On the show today it will be day 7 of the What Am I as it’s another rollover.

Here are the very latest clues:

1: I am a piece of equipment

2: I come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes & types

3: I am used in science

4: I am also used in industry

5: I am mostly metal

6: I normally am made of 3 or 4 parts

7: I have 2 other names which I am know by. It’s something to do with water

8: I was originally developed to be used by alchemists around the 16th century

9: I can be electric

10: I am heated

11: Or I need outside elements to be heated

12: You can do a makeshift version of me

If it helps at all here are the incorrect guesses:

Tyre pump, bike or car pump, robot, vice, drill, Bunsen burner, tap, pump, syringe, radiator, kettle, flask, soldering iron & BBQ


I had to share this with from metro.co.uk as it’s incredible:

Chinese artist has unveiled a 3D street painting that covers an area of 2,737.5 metres squared – making it the largest in the world.

Yang Yongchun and his team painted Rhythms of Youth on a path on the campus of Communication University of China in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, to commemorate the second Summer Youth Olympic Games.

Rhythms of Youth shows the Nanjing cityscape and the Yangtze river as well as the games’ mascot Lele.

The painting, which is a whopping 27,986 square feet large (2,737.5 metres squared), smashes the previous world record of 12,490 square foot (1,120 metres squared), set by British artist Joe Hill in 2011, as well as taking the title for longest street painting at 365 metres

‘It took my team more than 20 days to finish the painting on the ground,’ said Yongchun.

‘Every day, we worked on it from daybreak when we could barely tell the colours apart until it turned too dark to see anything.’

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