Helen's Blog - Wednesday May 14th

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Before I start my blog today I just want to say how very sad I was earlier hearing of the passing of the incredibly brave Stephen Sutton.

It's not often that a person comes into the public arena for their bravery in facing what must be the most difficult time in theirs & their family's life. I know I didn't know Stephen but from when I first heard his story I was hooked. I followed his updates & like most people was totally inspired by this selfless, inspiring young man. I watched as his Justgiving page went up & up & up. Its stands at this moment at nearly £3.4 million. Well done Stephen.

I cannot begin to imagine the pain his parents, family & friends must be in but they must be so so proud of this wonderful teenager. R.I.P Stephen Sutton. You were a true HERO!


It's day 3 of the 'What Am I' after 3pm & I am giving away another CD during the show. We'll also be hearing from the lovely Claire Scott as she is out & about this week at different businesses in the area finding out what they are doing to raise funds for Maggie's Cancer Care in Swansea.

Along with some great music there will be the latest news, sport, traffic & travel & more.

Here are the very latest What Am I clues for you:

1: I am named after someone famous

2: There is even a dance made about me

3: I am associated with a certain bear

4: I have a connection with Graceland

5: You can get me in all colours

6: There was even a TV series about me where I was magical



This adorable cat greeted his owner by giving him a really, really, big hug.

Felines aren’t usually massive huggers, so it came as a surprise when one was filmed welcoming his owner in this way.

A YouTube video showed Franzie, a black and white cat, spreading his front legs and then being hoisted up for a hug.

‘Franzie has tricks, this is one of them,’ video uploader Tricia Carr wrote.

‘He asks his daddy for a hug and stretches up for it! Too cute!.’

Cover art for Just Can't Get Enough

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Dave Brookes playing Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough