Helen's Blog - Wednesday May 28th 2014

Hello there & how are you today.

On the show today you have another chance to win a family pass to Laserzone in Swansea & it is a brand new What am I on the show after 3pm for your chance to win bowling tickets if you can guess What I am.

I'll also have all the latest news, sport, showbiz, traffic & travel & most importantly some great music for your afternoon.

This is a great story!

This fat cat has found a novel way to lose weight – by cycling.

Well, he doesn’t actually do the cycling, but overweight Russian cat Morda (Mush in English) clings on to the neck of his owner Vladimir as he cycles around – and has lost 2kg doing so.

Vladimir Ilivanov, from Krasnoyarsk Krai, bought Morda six years ago and they have spent much of that time riding through Russian cities and taking part in cycling competitions.

‘He doesn’t do much during the winter, but when the spring comes he always rides on the back of my neck,’ said Mr Ilivanov.

‘For him it’s like horse riding.’

‘He is very sensitive and knows that he can cling on with his legs around my neck but he never sinks his sharp claws into my flesh,’ he continued.

‘We are now building up to training for a marathon in Siberia this year.’

Morda is registered as ‘Feline 1′ after obtaining special paperwork from bike organisers across Russia.

A spokesperson for the Russian Cycling Federation said: ‘Morda is as well known as any of the top cyclists.

‘Although he doesn’t push the pedals himself, he is known fondly everywhere as “the cycling cat” and always brings a smile to the faces of those who see him.’









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