About Helen

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the team here at Swansea Sound. I can remember when the station launched and listening as a child. (Maybe I shouldn't admit to that as I keep telling people I am 21 plus VAT!)

I have always loved radio as I have spent years on the road gigging & the radio has always kept me company. My background has been in music, from singing cabaret to performing my own material. I became a professional singer back in the 80's. (oh yes I still have my photos of very bad hair do's & shoulder pads! – What was I thinking?)

I somehow managed to get into presenting when I was offered a presenting role on ITV Wales ‘Up For It' in 1999 where I travelled around Wales finding people who were basically up for doing all kinds of challenges. I was singing on a TV show & I had an interview & they thought…. "Oooh! She can talk!”

I first got into local radio in 2005 pretty much the same way as I did getting into TV. In fact radio is the perfect job for me as I do love talking! It was probably one of the only things I used to get into trouble for when I was at school. I used to hear the words "MORGANS!!! Stop talking!!”

My greatest passions in life are music, sport & chocolate. Not necessarily in that order! My music taste is very eclectic from classical to heavy rock. As for sport I love seeing the Swans do well but my favourite sport in the whole world is……. Rugby!

As well as singing & presenting I recently got into acting when I was cast as Demi/Hetty in Mal Pope's Cappuccino Girls. It was an amazing experience & has led onto to me getting a part in Ceri Dupree's new comedy musical play called ‘Brenda'. I shall be playing Glenda Mogg & it's gonna be lush mun!!!

A few random things about me…..

Favourite film – A Matter of Life and Death (it's an old one but I saw it as a child & have always loved it)

Favourite song – John Martyn & ‘May You Never'

Favourite meal – Sunday dinner & mint sauce!

Favourite place – Arizona. My friends who I grew up with in Swansea live out there & I go every year. I have taken a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon & as they say in America "it was like totally awesome”. I also love Mumbles, The Gower & Aberaeron.

Favourite moment - A few years ago I was invited to an event that was attended by the great rugby legends of the 70s. I got to interview them & the best part was being in a conversation with JJ Williams. JPR Williams, Barry & Allan John, Mervyn Davies & John Dawes. They were reminiscing over past games & sharing funny anecdotes. I loved it!

Most surreal moment – In the early 90s I was working in India in Calcutta and I got to meet Mother Theresa. We had a chat….. I know! And she blessed me as well. Later that day I came down with dysentery. No more needs to be said about that!

What I complain about most? – My weight! I love the idea of being really slim but it never lasts as I do love my food even more. I feel I fight a constant battle with the bulge!

What I love doing in my spare time? I absolutely love & adore my dog Sally & they do say dogs are like their owners. Well she is very loveable but nuts!







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