A Swansea Sound centenary programme
If you missed this prgramme you can listen again.



Dylan Thomas was born on the 27th of October, 1914. He spoke his first words at 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Uplands in Swansea. In less than forty years, his famous voice and verses reverberated around the world. Dylan’s spellbinding power captivates the digital age.  His name typed into the internet search engine results in two and a half million entries.  Prized by presidents, princes, movie stars and much loved by millions, Dylan is probably the world’s most popular poet.  


Dylan’s poems and prose are sound pictures.  Like postcards of people and places, they not only wish we were there, but grab our attention, pick us up, and take us there.  This celebratory programme creates sound Postcards of the Poetic Artist. Mixing interviews and Dylan’s recordings, the programme explores his life and genius, shares his triumphs and troubles, and discovers why his words and verses still charm the world sixty years after his death.


Postcards of the Poetic Artist: Dylan Thomas is presented by Swansea Sound presenter Leighton Jones, who became an enthusiast when he heard a recording of Under Milk Wood.  Leighton says: ‘In school I thought poetry was dull and boring. Listening to Dylan’s recordings, and later reading his poems, I realised Dylan’s created dramatic sound pictures that I could share.’


Postcards of the Poetic Artist: Dylan Thomas is produced by Swansea Sound’s award-winning broadcaster Philip Stephens. Philip says: ‘Six months of research, interviews, and production have resulted in a compelling programme. Dylan’s poetic genius enabled him to turn everyday experiences into miraculous poems, filled with wonder.  Mixing interviews with Dylan’s recordings creates sound postcards of his life and times. We also discovered which record topped the US Music Charts in October 1953. The Les Paul and Mary Ford song, Vaya Con Dios (Go with God) seems a poignant tribute to a poet who wrote about life, death, creativity and destruction, often with vivid religious imagery.’


This year marks the 40th anniversary of Swansea Sound. It is the only local Radio Station in the UK with a tradition of producing drama-documentary programmes many of which have won awards.