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8th February 2016

Elton John Carpool Karaoke

James Corden asks Elton John to help him navigate Los Angeles on a rainy day while the two sing some of his songs, including a Lion King classic and "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me."

Do you know someone who would fit the bill for this new TV show..


Here's the first look at the new Wonder Woman movie..

Dad's Army Road Safety Ad. Do you remember this??

Alan Rickman and Michael Gambon prank Daniel Radcliffe with a fart machine...

Adele car shares with James Corden...

While home in London for the holidays, James Corden picks up his friend Adele for a drive around the city singing some of her classic songs before Adele raps Nicki Minaj's "Monster."


Adorable husky trapped in sofa...

This video is trending at the moment. the husky clearly realised that he's gone too far :-)

Don't worry! He was fine, but never went near the sofa again (only to sit on it!)



A South Korean passenger plane took off with its front door not properly closed.

Passengers filmed as wind buffeted the door and expressed fear, one man described feeling numb due to the changes in air pressure within the cabin.

The plane flew for around 30 minutes before it was forced to turn back and land. It was carrying 163 passengers.


Guns N' Roses are to reunite..

Guns N' Roses are to reunite to headline at this year's Coachella music festival in California.

Band member and singer Axl Rose confirmed the news to fans via Twitter.

He will join founding members Slash and Duff McKagan for the 2016 festival.


Look which face from the 70's is joining Corrie.....

Legendary children's TV presenter Derek Griffiths is to join the cast of Coronation Street in the new year.

Derek will play retired mechanic Freddie, a pensioner who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Kylie Platt following the death of his wife, a beauty client of Kylie's.

Derek, 69, will be known to many Corrie viewers as the face of iconic children's series Play School and Play Away during the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Motorbike loving Freddie will ride onto the cobbles in March. Through Kylie he finds new friends and a surrogate community in the Street.


Rick Astley is coming to South Wales.

80's legend Rick Astley has extended his tour after all announced venues SOLD OUT. On his facebook page Rick said "You've all bought so many tickets that you've left me no choice... I'm extending my tour by another week! New dates just added ‪#‎RickAstleyTour‬"


Jeff Lynne's ELO - When I Was A Boy - Behind the Scenes



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Happiest penguin ever!!!

This will make you smile....


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When dying your hair - DO NOT put an ASDA carrier bag on your head!!

Rebecca Richardson got more than she bargained for when she wrapped a plastic bag round her head as she dyed her hair.

The bright green Asda logo ended up all over her hair.

Rebecca posted this picture on her Facebook and now it's gone viral.


Adele was just kidding. She is going on tour...

Adele is to embark on her first tour for five years.

It'll start in Belfast next February and visit Dublin, Manchester, London, Glasgow and Birmingham before moving on to mainland Europe.

Tickets for the UK dates go on sale on 4 December.

Adele's third album 25 has sold 737,000 copies in the UK in just six days.

It has also sold almost three million in the US since its release on Friday.

In interviews, she suggested she may not tour, blaming stage fright, her chequered vocal health, motherhood, and saying she finds touring lonely.

Sadly there are no Welsh dates :-( ...

  • 29 Feb & 1 March 2016 - SSE Arena, Belfast
  • 4 & 5 March - 3Arena, Dublin
  • 7 & 8 March - Manchester Arena
  • 15, 16, 18 & 19 March - The O2 Arena, London
  • 25 & 26 March - The SSE Hydro, Glasgow
  • 29 & 30 March - Genting Arena, Birmingham


Aldi mock John Lewis with new ad...



Harrison Ford Settles His Feud with Chewbacca

This is very funny. Proving Harrison Ford is a great sport.....

They make up to Adele's Hello!!!


With rumours that The X Factor is failing to get the ratings –  Former judge Louis Walsh thinks he knows why.

Walsh said Simon’s made too many changes, which has messed up the show. These include replacing former host Dermot O’Leary with Olly Murs and Caroline Flack and having a panel without Louis. 

Speaking to a magazine he said "Simon has messed with it too much. It was an experiment that didn't really work.

"Simon used to blame me. He'd say 'it's your fault people are fed up looking at you'. But it's not my fault - it's his fault."

He also hit out at Cheryl, saying that her and Rita are similar in the way they judge but implied Rita is a better singer and performer.

Despite all this he won't rule out returning to the show only when the ‘mistakes’ are undone.

Louis Walsh spent 10 years on the show before leaving earlier this year. 


Wouldn't you love to adopt "Pinky"??

It's an oldie, but a goody. Here's an animal rescue officer trying to help Pinky the cat find a new home.

Pinky, however isn't having any of it...


Never again will you step on that hidden LEGO block left hiding in the carpet!!

Lego’s great. Until you find yourself trying to negotiate your way to the loo in the dark with piles of the tiny little bricks lying in wait.

We all know the pain of stepping, unsuspecting, onto one of those jagged little Lego landmines.

Which is why Lego have allowed Brand Station, a French advertising agency, to come up with the perfect gift for parents and big kids alike this Christmas: the official Lego slipper.

The squared-toe slippers are interchangeable between right and left feet, so it doesn’t matter if you’re putting them on in the dark.



BBC are trying out a new series of Porridge!!???

The hit prison sitcom's writers Dick Clement, 77, and Ian La Frenais, 79, have revealed they're working on a new storyline that will feature the grandson of original character Fletcher, who was famously played by the late Ronnie Barker.

La Frenais told the Sunday Times newspaper: ''He's called Fletch too and is a chip off the old block. He has what I'd call attitude."

Fletcher's grandson will end up behind bars for computer hacking and will share a cell with an older inmate.

The original series saw Barker's character share a cell with Lennie Godber - who was played by Richard Beckinsale - who clash with prison warder Mr. Mackay (Fulton Mackay) while using his somewhat friendly relationship with guard Mr. Barrowclough (Brian Wilde) to his advantage.

Casting is already under way and the episode is set to air early summer next year.


Has Sainsbury's won WON the battle of the Christmas adverts?

Mog is back in the store's festive ad. 

The story of the advert sees Mog almost ruining Christmas after he accidentally turns the oven on with the turkey inside while he was having a nightmare on Christmas Eve...


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Brian Blessed once "threw away" a Picasso sketch now worth around £50 million!!

Brian Blessed say's that he once THREW AWAY an original Pablo Picasso sketch as a child.

Long before he shouted grandly in Flash Gordon, he encountered Cubist master Picasso as a child.

"When I was 12, there was a World Peace Congress outside Sheffield  that attracted 360,000 people including singer Paul Robeson and American and British generals," he recalled

"Picasso was there, painting, and I raced ahead of everybody and stood before him. I asked, 'Are you Picasso?' and he replied, 'Yes, I am'.

"I told him, 'You sound more like Carmen Miranda, so if you're really Picasso, draw me something'. He said, 'I will draw you a dove of peace', which he did and handed it to me.

"I said, 'That shows you're not Picasso, that's not a dove!' Picasso replied: 'For the first time I have a critic, the child does not believe this is a dove'.  I threw his drawing on the floor and in doing so, threw away about £50m.


Goodbye Betamax...

Sony has announced that it will stop selling Betamax tapes in March 2016 – over fourty years after the video format was first launched. However, Sony hasn't made a machine to play them on in 13 years.

"Sony will end the shipment of Betamax video cassettes and micro MV cassettes in March 2016," the company said in a Japanese-language statement on its website.

The micro MV format will also come to an end.

Sony launched Betamax in 1975, a year before JVC's rival the VHS cassette. The two companies fought viciously for control of the emerging video system market in the late seventies, with JVC eventually becoming the market leader.


Jackie Magazine - the Musical

Jackie magazine closed in 1993. But coming soon is Jackie the Musical!

Touring the country for the next 12 months, against a backdrop of the era's most memorable hits. The story revolves around a fifty something divorcée who returns to her stash of archived Jackie magazines for much the same reason she first consulted them decades previously, advice on how best to navigate the opposite sex and will draw on the wisdom of Cathy and Claire, the magazine's iconic agony aunts, and the much-loved photo casebooks navigating her dilemmas.

It will be choreographed by Arlene Philips, known for her work on musicals including Saturday Night Fever, Starlight Express, Flashdance and Grease.


Creator of the Batmobile dies..

The great car customizer George Barris passed away today in his Los Angeles home at the age of 89.

George’s son Brett posted a message about the passing of his father on his Facebook page “Sorry to have to post that my father, legendary kustom car king George Barris, has moved to the bigger garage in the sky. He passed on peacefully in his sleep at 2:45 am. He was surrounded by his family in the comfort of his home. He lived his life they way he wanted til the end. He would want everyone celebrate the passion he had for life and for what he created for all to enjoy. Thank you all for the posts and calls, your love is deeply appreciated. Peace””

Known as the original King of Kustomizers, George is known for his customTV cars such as the Munster Koach, Beverly Hillbillies, KITT from Knightrider and most notably the Batmobile, just to name a few.


The John Lewis ad has landed....

John Lewis has released its hotly anticipated Christmas advert, which is seen as the unofficial start to the festive shopping season.

It's called "Man on the Moon" and encourages shoppers to show love and support to the million older people who often go lonely months without speaking to friends, neighbours or families in the UK.


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Online petition to STOP Phil Collins making any more music!!

Phil Collins has announced he is recording his first new material since 2002.

The news will be music to the ears of his fans, but a petition has been launched on Change.org by those not so keen on his return.

So far more than 500 people from around the world have signed the petition, called "Phil Collins must be stopped."

The petition states:"'Phil Collins has announced he is 'no longer in retirement!!"

"There is far too much suffering in the world as it is. This must be stopped."


Simon Cowell gets a black eye on X Factor at the weekend....

Simon Cowell was said to be "fuming" after X Factor contestant Anton Stephens head butted him during the X factor live show at the weekend.

The hopeful on the reality show jumped toward Cowell to kiss him after getting through to the next round, but missed and accidentally head butted him.

Backstage after the show the 56 year old music mogul  has helped with an ice pack but was said to be "fuming" about the incident.


Dads Army Movie Trailer...

The 2016 feature film based on the much-loved iconic British comedy is released in cinemas on the 5th February 2016.

The film stars Toby Jones, Bill Nighy, Tom Courtenay, Michael Gambon, Daniel Mays, Bill Paterson, Blake Harrison and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

It is 1944 and World War II is reaching its climax. The Allies are poised to invade France and finally defeat the German army. But in Walmington-on-Sea morale amongst the Home Guard is low. Their new mission then - to patrol the Dover army base - is a great chance to revive spirits and reputation, that is until glamorous journalist Rose Winters arrives to write about their exploits, setting the pulses racing and putting the local women on red alert. MI5 then discover a radio signal sent direct to Berlin from Walmington-on-Sea. There’s a spy on the loose! The outcome of the war is suddenly at stake, and it falls to our unlikely heroes to stand up and be counted.


A soft cuddly story today.....

A motorcyclist in the US became an internet sensation after he saved a kitten by stopping traffic on a busy road. The extraordinary footage, captured on the motorcyclist’s helmet camera, shows how the kitty is nearly hit several times before being saved.


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Floating city appears in the sky over China..

People in China have reported seeing a floating city in the sky.

A mirage of a city appeared in the clouds over Jiangxi and Foshan.

Residents spotted the mysterious apparition, which many believe to have been supernatural, seemed to form a perfect city skyline.

While some people think they have seen a parallel universe, boffins believe the unusual sighting was down to an optical illusion known as a Fata Morgana - a type of mirage which distorts objects which are far away.



ITV are currently casting for the new series of Take Me Out and are on the lookout for single ladies.


It may be you, or any of your family, friends and colleagues know that would give it a go so spread the word.


Feel free to send anyone you think might be suitable our way!


We are looking for applicants of all ages, as long as they are 18+.


It’s easy to grab an application form by simply emailing takemeoutgirls@thames.tv. Applications are closing soon, so apply now!



Belgian organization "Responsible Young Drivers" enlisted a driving school and instructor to be in on this genius social experiment.

Hidden cameras film the understudies as they attempt their best to text and drive. The outcomes are incredibly powerful.

At the request of the instructor the students were asked to send text messages, but the drivers must also avoid a course of traffic cones and obstacles in their way.

The drivers brake, swerve, and frenzy. “Imagine that’s a child,” the instructor says, as one student nearly breaks down in tears. You have got to see the experiment for yourself below:



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Stephen Fry is quitting....

Stephen Fry has decided step down as the host of BBC Two comedy quiz show QI after a 13-years stint.

He described it as "one of the best jobs on television" but felt "it was time to move on".

Sandi Toksvig will take over his role, which she described as her "dream job", while Alan Davies will remain a resident panellist.

Toksvig previously hosted BBC Radio Four's The News Quiz, and presided over BBC One's Call My Bluff for five years in the late 90s.


David Bowie to retire??

The artist’s booking agent compares Bowie to Phil Collins, and says that he has decided that he will never tour again!

It's been rumoured he would one day headline Glastonbury head, but no more as Bowie has said he is never touring again. It’s been over 10 years since the artist took to the stage, but according to his booking agent, he has retired from touring officially.


An American Dad was naturally not happy when he found out one of his daughters was being bullied at school 

So he came up with a very unique solution.

Dad decided to write a hip hop song aimed towards the issue of bullying, but also directed towards his daughters with the goal to let them know how beautiful they are. This guy is talented too! The lyrics are excellent and positive, while his flow is smooth and consistent, making it clear how passionate he is about getting this very important message out there to all boys and girls who have been victims of bullying behaviour.


Ladybird books are making a comeback...

If like me you grew up reading the Ladybird books, then you'll love this.

Using the original artwork, Ladybird books for adults are on the way.

The new series - launched in the year that Ladybird celebrates its 100th birthday - taps into the 'kidult' trend and aims to give older readers takes on modern-day problems.

Such as...



































The books are written by Joel Morris with his writing partner, Jason Hazeley.

The eight new titles - due out next month - are the first time Ladybird has allowed spoof versions of its books.

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Texas girl can't stop sneezing...

12-year-old Katelyn Thornley has been sneezing almost non-stop -- about 12,000 times a day -- for the past month, and doctors have no idea why.

Watch this special Downton Abbey sketch for Text Santa featuring special guests including George Clooney!!!

If you're enjoying the current series of Downton, you'll love this ITV special from last Christmas..


And here's part two..



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American TV host Wendy Williams was interviewing singer Nicole Scherzinger when she made some awkward comments on pregnancy.

The pop star was discussing her relationship with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and started by saying "Seven years was a long time," before being interupted by the host saying, "And the good years down here…" whilst gesturing to her womb.

Unsure of if it was a joke or not, Nicole chose to let the moment slide but Wendy then continued, "Those are seven years you can never get back and he was really wealthy."

Here's the interview..


Teenager 'Punched' Shark To Survive Attack

A teenage surfer has survived a shark attack off Florida's coast after he "punched it away", according to a local beach patrol officer.

The 14-year-old was bitten on the hand by what was described as a 4 to 5 foot-long blacktip shark.

He paddled back to shore where he flagged down help from a beach safety officer before being taken to hospital.

"He suffered pretty significant lacerations (to his left hand)," Captain Aaron Jenkins from the Volusia County Beach Patrol told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

The attack happened at around 8.30am on Sunday at New Smyrna Beach.

A friend of the teenager said the surfer is in good spirits, but remains in hospital.

"He was screaming for help,” 12-year-old Cole Toomsoo told WFTV News in Florida.

"I was really scared. I come here every weekend.  It just gets me scared to have one of my friends go through that."

Local media reports say there have been at least 10 shark attacks in Volusia County so far this year.


Amazing video of the day..

This is the amazing moment when a dolphin returned an iPhone to its owner after diving to the bottom of the sea to retrieve it.


And the winner is???

If you won the most coveted award of your industry, you might want to put the trophy on display - but not if you're Kate Winslet.

She decided the best place for the award to live would be in her bathroom.

In an interview with WSJ Magazine, she says, “The whole point is for everybody to pick it up and go, ‘I’d like to thank my son and my dad’—and you can always tell when someone has, because they’re in there a little bit longer after they flushed,” Winslet said. “They’ll come out looking slightly pink-cheeked. It’s hysterical.”


The Harry Potter style bed yours could be yours...

Alex Lomax visited the flat share in Clapham after seeing an advert online – but was left shocked after its description of a "furnished room" seemed a little too generous.

Her pictures show a single mattress wedged in between the walls, with a little bit of room left for a couple of boxes at the back.

The advert, posted on London2Let.com, said the current tenants were "not really looking for somebody that just wants to stay in their room".

The 23-year-old, from Nottingham, has compared the cramped offering to the famous cupboard under the stairs on Privet Drive, where Harry Potter slept in JK Rowling's novels.

She said: "I wish I'd been more angry because it's clearly ridiculous."


Rod Stewart is going on the road next year..

Rod Stewart embarks on a nationwide tour of the UK in June 2016 in support of his latest album, Another Country.

Rod is playing The Cardiff City Stadium on Saturday June 11th 2016 and tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am.


The A Team is coming back!!!!

Three decades after the A-Team first hit our television screens, the crack US special forces unit are making a comeback: and this time, there will be women on hand for rescue missions.

20th Century Fox are reworking the classic action series and that it will be executive produced by Fast & Furious writer and producer Chris Morgan.

The new series will be keeping things in the family, Tawnia McKiernan, Cannell's daughter, will be executive producing with Morgan.

The rebooted A-Team will "include both male and female members", and has been "framed for a crime they didn’t commit and set out to clear their names by uncovering the black-ops conspiracy that set them up".

The show will work on a weekly mission-per-episode basis as the Team "help those in need by using their singular military skills, hi-tech expertise and often conflicting individual approaches". It will, reportedly, also be funny, with "lots of humour" and "compelling characters".

The inclusion of women in the Team may prevent the accusations of sexism which affected the original show. Few female characters lasted long on the original A-Team, with actress Melinda Culea, who played Amy Amanda Allen, fired in the middle of Season 2 for requesting more lines and action scenes.


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Great news for fans of ELO...

First album of all new ELO music in over a decade!

Jeff Lynne’s ELO is set to deliver 'Alone In The Universe" November 13, 2015 on Columbia Records. The album is available globally for pre-order Friday, September 25th (buy links listed below) and the first single "When I Was a Boy" is also available Friday. Fans who pre-order the album will receive "When I Was A Boy" instantly.

Jeff Lynne:
"Music is such a powerful force in our lives. A good song can make people feel much less alone in this universe. And trying to create one of those songs somehow makes me feel less alone too. My whole life—from being that kid with a dream in Birmingham right until today—proves how much music can do."

Ashley Newton, President of Columbia Records:
"Jeff Lynne is a total master of his craft and 'Alone In The Universe' is pure pop perfection. We are thrilled to be involved in the return of ELO and enormously proud to be releasing this contemporary classic on Columbia Records.


Remember The Bay City Rollers???

70s boy band Bay City Rollers have announced a reunion, nearly 30 years after splitting up.

The Scottish group sold 120 million records and had a huge teenage fanbase.

Famed for their tartan outfits, the band had several line-ups over the years.

Hits included Bye Bye Baby and Shang-a-Lang

The reunion features three of the "classic five" - Les , Alan and Stuart.

They also performed several sell-out tours and hosted their own TV show.


OMG!!! Would YOU do what this 91 year old great, great Grandmother has done???


At age 91, great-great-grandmother Mary Manssen has claimed the title of New Zealand's oldest female bungy jumper, after plunging 43 metres off Queenstown's Kawarau Bridge.

In true Kiwi style, she said there were no nerves as she stood on the edge of the platform waiting to leap.

"It was nothing. There's nothing to it. They (the staff) just gave me a little push.

"The jump was magnificent. The roar that went up when I went out onto the stand was just amazing.

"I'm a bit of a daredevil . . . When I was younger, I always thought 'the higher up the tree the better'."


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When tin girls asked for a birthday cake featuring Hulk and a princess, this is what dad made....


Brian Elton's twin daughters requested a cake featuring Hulk and a princess, so dad got to work.
Great cake and the kids loved it.

A new sidekick for Doctor Who???

Jenna Coleman the actress, who plays the Time Lord's assistant Clara Oswald, is set to star in a new ITV epic called "Victoria."

She has starred in the sci-fi show for three years and has assisted two doctors, Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith.

Last week she was in Cardiff for the first screening of series 9, which starts on the BBC1 this Saturday.


Whitney is back on stage....

The late Whitney Houston will return to the stage to perform her greatest hits next year - with a little help from Hologram USA.

The announcement which was made on Friday sees Hologram USA CEO Alki David and President of the Whitney Houston Estate Pat Houston reveal their intention to bring back the singer to her worldwide audience using the holographic technology.

The interactive show will premiere at a US venue before touring the world, and David's FilmOn Studios will be on hand to create new content and syndicate it to all major digital outlets, including satellite and cable.


Swansea's Jasmine Leigh Morris sings Emeli Sande’s Clown.

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Pottery Barn unveils sweet Star Wars Millennium Falcon bed

For the past 18 hours, Disney and Lucasfilm have released a list of merchandise based on the new Star Wars movie which is out in December.

The Millennium Falcon is one of the larger items and there's even a little play area near the foot of the bed, designed to look like the cockpit of the ship.

Unfortunately, the bed appears to be meant for children :-(

There's currently no price for the Millennium Falcon bed, but it's Pottery Barn, so expect it to cost quite a bit. But can you really put a price on a child's happiness? Lol.

Here's a list of the most un-friendly cities on the planet....

A new survey by Travel+Leisure magazine has uncovered what it claims to be the 15 least friendly cities in the world, and six US destinations have made the top ten.
1) Moscow, Russia
2) Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
3) St Petersburg, Russia
4) Marseille, France
5) Los Angeles, California, USA
6) New York, New York, USA
7) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
8) Baltimore, Maryland, USA
9) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
10) Cannes, France
11) Beijing, China
12) Miami, Florida, USA
13) Washington, D.C., USA
14) Frankfurt, Germany
15) Boston, Massachusetts, USA



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Happy K9 day!

It's "dog" day in the UK today.

I loved K9 from Doctor Who in the 70's. Came across this picture of the robot dog and thought you'd enjoy..


Miami couple tie the knot underwater...

A Miami couple made a splash on Tuesday (August 25), marrying underwater five miles off Key Largo, Florida

Prince’s Purple Rain tops poll of the best songs of the 1980s They praised the song for its ‘sweltering guitar solo — so good it still moves people to tears — that brought the song into the upper echelon of stadium ballads’.
1. Prince and the Revolution – Purple Rain
2. Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
3. N.W.A’s – Straight Outta Compton
4. New Order – Blue Monday
5. Public Enemy – Fight the Power
6. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)
7. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
8. Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime
9. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – The Message
10. The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?
11. Prince and the Revolution – When Doves Cry
12. The Cure – Just Like Heaven
13. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
14. The Smiths – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
15. Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot


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Happy birthday 007...

Today is Sean Connery's 85th birthday. Here he is in one of his most famous scenes from his time as James Bond.

With a laser creeping precariously towards his gonads, Connery's 007 is still able to keep his cool in the presence of villain Auric Goldfinger.

The scene shows just why he was so brilliant as Bond, mixing arrogance, wit and cunning in the space of four tense minutes…


This is a much more gentler way of washing your dog.


Elephant wanders around car boot sale....

Buyers and sellers at a quiet Sunday afternoon car boot sale got the shock of their lives when an elephant crashed the event.

Buba -  the last elephant still performing in any Dutch circus managed to escape from her enclosure nearby and went for a calm stroll around the stalls.


Tom Baker in Star Wars?

The "greatest" Dr Who of all time Tom Baker has casually announced that he will soon be lending his booming voice to an upcoming Star Wars project.

The Doctor Who star made the revelation as he signed fans' memorabilia during the Day of the Doctor convention in Slough, according to Sci-Fi fantasy Network.

Baker said: "I'm going to be in this new Star Wars thing, you know? I'm going down to record some voices for this new character they've created for me, very soon."

Fans are going crazy to find out who - or what - might he play?

Previously lending his luxurious tones to everything from Little Britain to Alton Towers' Nemesis roller coaster, Baker has enjoyed a variety of voiceover gigs over his career, though most tend to be villain roles.


"Cilla" The Musical???

Cilla Black had given her blessing to the making of a musical of her life before she died.

The star was said to be "thrilled and excited" about the idea of a West End stage production based on her life, according to her agent Nick Fiveash.

Plannining of the show is currently on hold following Cilla's death aged 72.


Most Popular names in wales

Published by the Office for National Statistics, here are the most popular names for new-borns in wales


20 most popular boys names in Wales:

1: Oliver

2: Jacob

3: Jack

4: Noah

5: Charlie

6: William

7: Alfie

8: Dylan

9: Logan

10: Leo

11: Oscar

12: Harry

13: James

14: Thomas

15: Mason

16: Joseph

17: George

18: Archie

19: Ethan

20: Theo

20 most popular girls names in Wales:

1: Amelia

2: Olivia

3: Isla

4: Ava

5: Emily

6: Mia

7: Ruby

8: Evie

9: Lily

10: Poppy

11: Ella

12: Seren

13: Sophia

14: Grace

15: Megan

16: Sophie

17: Jessica

18: Freya

19: Scarlett

20: Isabella


Couple's hilarious wedding dance routine goes viral..

A video of the first wedding dance of a couple from Leicestershire has become a viral hit.

The six-minute video of David and Hollie Smith from Glenfield, has been viewed more than 27,000 times in three days on YouTube.


Young boy amazingly saved by trampoline net!

This is why it is so important to have a safety net and only ever let one person play on the trampoline at a time!!!


It was announced last week that Beijing would host the 2022 Winter Olympics, making it the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

Ten official songs have been released by China for the Winter Olympics, but one song in particular is drawing attention for all the wrong reasons.

'Bing Xue Wu Dong', which translates as 'The Snow and Ice Dance' sounds extremely like the massive Disney hit 'Let It Go' from the movie "Frozen."

The song was written by Zhao Zhao  who is yet to comment.


Kind Rochester police officer helps baby skunk with head stuck in yogurt container...


See the trailer for The Moaning Of Life 2 with Karl Pilkington.....

Peter André is on his way to Llanelli THIS WEEKEND!!!! 

Peter André is coming to Wales!! Not an arena tour. Meet him at The Perfume Shop on Saturday 8th August.
Newport 1130 - 130
Llanelli 3 - 5



X Factor is back soon. Here's the trailer...

AT LAST!!!! Tesco are dropping the annoying voice on the self service checkout.

No more unexpected items in the bagging area!!

Have a listen.....



Sarah Harding's stint on Coronation Street is over, after failing to impress the ITV show's fans and critics leading to her four episode stint not being extended.

The former Girls Aloud singer played the character Joni Preston who was meant to be a rival for Tracey Barlow. 

However, the high profile casting didn't go to plan and fans and critics have been pretty unimpressed with her acting.


Jimmy Kimmel breaks down on live TV over killing of Cecil the lion

Jimmy shares his thoughts on the Minnesota dentist who illegally killed a lion who was a local favourite in Zimbabwe.

If you’d like to donate to the wildlife preservation group who had previously been keeping track of the lion, please visit http://www.wildcru.org/

Having a stressful day at the office?? Look at this.....


Plane narrowly avoids crash in terrifying landing



Sky news broadcast hijacked in amazing style....

Magicians Young & Strange photobomb the background of a Live Sky News broadcast with journalist Ashish Joshi in Westminster.


This picture of mutant daisies is said to be from from near the Fukushima nuclear plant which was all but destroyed in the Japanese tsunami in 2011.

They were posted on Twitter by @san_kaido in May with the words: ‘The right one grew up, split into 2 stems to have 2 flowers connected to each other, having 4 stems of flower tied belt-like. The left one has 4 stems grew up to be tied to each other and it had the ring-shaped flower. The atmospheric dose is 0.5 μSv/h at 1m above the ground.’

People are divided as to whether or not they are real of have the pictures been edited?



Spectre The Trailer!!!!

Bond fans finally get a look at the new movie which is out later this year...



If you like me and you only use Facebook to keep in touch with people and never use it for games or other apps, then chances are your pretty fed up of getting game requests.

Well yesterday a friend of a friend showed me how to switch off he app setting thus putting a halt on game requests.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5 you will need to read before finally switching it off as you will not be able to use any apps you have associated with Facebook. 

However if you switch it off and later decide to switch back on you follow these instructions and "turn on platform"


Wasps are annoying and when they bite or sting you it hurts. So why deal with that situation at all? Let's take care of it. Follow these instructions and rid yourself of these pesky pests for good... at least around your house...


Famous for crashing Kanye's set at Glastonbury, Lee Nelson, has just crashed the Fifa press conference, throwing a wad of money at Sepp Blatter.


Baby sloths drip-drying after a bath.

Cutest video of the day...


US police are investigating after a motorist was filmed driving in reverse for two miles in Los Angeles

Los Angeles driver driving backwards on laurel canyon from Mulholland to sunset!!!!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Comic-Con 2015 Reel  

Fans at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H were treated to a special look behind the scenes of Star Wars:The Force Awakens by director J.J. Abrams, producer and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and writer Lawrence Kasdan. The filmmakers were joined on stage by cast members Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Gwendoline Christie, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford to the surprise and delight of fans.


You a fan of Sherlock?? have a look at this....

See an exclusive scene from the forthcoming Sherlock Special, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Una Stubbs, coming soon..

Facebook is about to get "more interesting?"

Facebook has announced it's added more options to it's news feed with the aim of helping people make it less boring.

The new controls included “See First”, which lets users choose people they want to hear from more, who will then be automatically pushed to the top of the feed. They also include tools to help people find new pages to follow and easy ways of unfollowing people and groups that aren’t interesting.

The new tools have appeared already in an update to the iOS app, and “will be rolling out on Android and desktop over the coming weeks”, Facebook said. To get the extra preferences, users can head to the “More” button in the bottom right hand corner of the app and select them through Settings.

Pigs head left on police car...

Detectives are looking at CCTV to find who left a pig's head on a police car in Birmingham yesterday. A spokeswoman for the police says that whoever put the severed head there hasn't committed a crime.

It's therefore not clear what they would (or could) do if they managed to find the culprit

New app let's you see who has deleted you on Facebook...


It's a sad occasion when you go in search of that old school friend on Facebook and you realise they've unfriended you. That used to be how we found out about our previous friendships and relationships being ended on Facebook.

A new app allows you to see who has removed you as a friend in real-time. 

The aptly named "who deleted me" app is available to download as an app for iOS, Android or as a browser extension on Chrome.

In an experience similar to Twitter's 'Who Unfollowed Me', the app updates you with whether a friend (or who you thought was a friend) has simply Who Deleted Me only tells us who's deleted you from the moment you download the app. So you can't go on and track down the exact moment your ex decided enough was enough...

You can also see when your friends last logged on to the network!

Since launching the site has been experiencing difficulties due to phenomenal level of traffic it has received.

here's where you can download it http://www.deleted.io/


Birthday cake misery....

Oh dear. How gutted would you be if you ordered an "Elsa from Frozen" cake and ended up with this....

Not that I could any better :-(


Do you remember this TV programme ....

Miri Mawr from 1975.

This may be the cutest video ever....

Being a father of twins, this hit home to me. These baby twins are communicating with each other in baby speak.


Long Jump Across Subway Tracks Goes Exactly as You'd Expect...BADLY





Obama: "Shame on you" to White House heckler



Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks fans by posing as Terminator wax statue.

This is a must see video.


The handy guide to finding a more attentive boyfriend: How length of a

man's fingers can predict his dating behaviour

Men with shorter index finger than ring finger said to be more masculinised

This means they will make more effort to impress women, says the study.


Explanation is that they've been exposed to more testosterone in the womb

And women with longer index fingers to ring said to be more feminised - taking

more care over their appearance



The rebooted version of Crystal Maze just got even more epic

as it has been revealed that legendary host Richard O’Brien

is very much involved in the project.



As we recently reported, a kickstarter campaign is

underway for funding for a massive project that will see the set

recreated in a secret London location – so that Crystal Maze

fans can come and take part in the contest complete with a live


With Richard on board, the adventure is the most exciting thing

to happen ever for fans of 90s nostalgia. Depending on the

amount you pledge, you can register to take part, enter a team,

hire out the set for just you and a group of friends or simply


While the organisers insist that they have interest from private

investors, they say that they would much prefer it to be the fans

of the show that finally make it come back.



How do you fancy trying the Dausage???


Invented by Garnant born Liam Bennett who is in talks with supermarket bosses already to make them widely available, the Dausage is a cross between the sausage and a doughnut!!! 

The Dausage was inspired by the Cronut which crosses a croissant and a doughnut and the Duffin crossing a muffin and a doughnut. 

Liam has spent around 12 months working out what other products would benefit from an injection of jam. 

Singing IS really good for you...

Whether it's singing in a choir, listening to Bach in the car or dancing to disco, most people enjoy some form of music - and increasingly it is being shown to have health benefits, too.

As the Mail reports today, researchers have found that classical music - especially compositions by Giuseppe Verdi - can significantly lower the listener's blood pressure. And last month, a British study found that regularly listening to music improved both short-term and long-term memory in people with dementia. Music therapy is also used in aiding stroke patients and to help those with Parkinson's learn to walk again.

Here we explore how listening to, learning and playing music helps...




How songs reduce blood pressure

Bach cuts surgery pain

It helps with dementia

...and improves heart health

You'll nod off more easily

It aids stroke recovery

Singing can beat asthma



Shave time not your beard!

There was a time when having a beard was a sign that a man didn't care much about his appearance.

Since the advent of hipsters, guys have become obsessed with grooming their facial fuzz, with a range of accessories now designed to accentuate their bristles.

Now beard-proud men can go one step further - with a new range of swimming caps designed for the chin.


Do you want to buy a hug?

If you've ever had one of those days when all you wanted was a good cuddle, help is at hand.

A company offering hugs for cash is doing a great trade, and you get to choose how long you want to curl up for - with prices even available for overnight stays.

The Snuggery, in Rochester, New York State, was set up by Jackie Samuel, a woman who believes in the magic of the human touch.

In order to deal with issues which can include stress, anxiety and high blood pressure you can sign up for cuddles of 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

Those are available with one snuggler - starting at £32 - or two, a 'Double Cuddle', starting at £65.

If you're really in need of some attention, there are also overnight sessions. for well-established guests. Beginning at 10.30pm and concluding at 7am, it's around £280 - but you're free to bring DVDs, snacks and books.







Smiling really is the key to forging new relationships, scientists have


They say people are much more attuned to positive emotions when

forming new bonds than they are to negative ones such as anger,

contempt or sadness.


However, researchers warn against faking it - and say that people can

recognize a sincere smile a mile away.


Lifes simple pleasures revealed
  Falling asleep while it's raining outside
  Back or head scratches
  A shower with good water pressure
  Lying in your own bed after a long journey
  Fresh baked bread and good quality butter
  The first sip of a drink when you're thirsty
  Getting goosebumps from a song
  Causing someone to laugh that you admire or look up to 
  Taking your bra off at the end of the day
  Starting a task and finishing it
  Getting a popcorn kernel out of your teeth
  Waking up for work, only to realise it's Saturday
  Opening a book on the page you need to be on
  Sitting by a fire 
  Putting on clothes straight out of the dryer 


The Edge falls off THE EDGE of the stage...

U2's guitarist Dave 'The Edge' Evans lived up to his name at last on Thursday night, after fan video caught him tumbling right off the edge of the stage.

The band were kicking off their latest world tour in Vancouver, when Evans fell off a walkway connecting the stage to another podium, during "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For".


If you were a child of the 80's and 90's and you regularly went to Barry Island for a summer day out,

then you'll remember the log flume ride that dominated the skyline at the resort.

Well not any more. The ride has been demolished and the fair ground is finally getting a new look.

This is how the site where the log flume once stood looks now...  


















There are new fair ground rides on the rest of the site and it's good to see it's all getting a new look.






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