Sali's Mystery Thingy


3.30 every weekday afternoon on The Mark Powell Drive Show.

Mark's children pop in to describe something. It could be an object, place, person, film, TV show etc.

Guess what it is and you could be a winner. This week I've got a family meal at The Colliers Arms, Swansea Enterprise Park up for grabs.


Here's a link to The Colliers Arms Facebook page...

















Mark Powell and Kev from The colliers arms.













Meet the gang. Sali, Eve, Tom and Amelie all feature on The Mystery Thingy....

Sali, Eve, Tom and Amelie at the Classic Car show at Margam Park.

Eve in the Swansea Sound studio after The Mystery Thingy.

Sali, Eve, Tom, Amelie and I outside Cardiff Castle with the giant world cup rugby ball above.



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