A CLASSIC 80's TV show, gets a new BIG BUDGET movie reboot.

From the classic 80's hits that we play on Swansea Sound, to the re imagining of classic shows like Dallas and Dynasty..... the 80's continue to be a source of entertainment in 2018.

Now one of the classic show from the era, is about to be rebooted into a big budget sci fi movie trilogy!  'V', the series that saw Lizard type aliens taking over the planet, was a huge hit back in the 80's.

It'll be Written and Directed by the original's creator Kenneth Johnson, who will also help to produce the movie alongside John Hermansen and Barry Opper (Jeepers Creepers).

Revisit the original below.....

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Cover art for Search For The Hero

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Helen Enser Morgan playing M-People - Search For The Hero