Ever wanted to be Willy Wonka? Here's how....

Being a chocolate bar inventor must have been one of your dream jobs when you were a child, and now those lovely people at Cadbury are making that dream come true. You could be the next Willy Wonka by coming up with your very own flavour. 

Cadbury is developing a brand new Dairy Milk chocolate bar flavour, and it wants your public to help them pick it.

There is already a whole bag of wacky flavours including  popping candy, Oreo and Daim.  The question is, what would you add, to make the next chocolate bar sensation?

A fruit like strawberry or pear?  A nut like pecan?  Or maybe a herb or spice like chilli, sea salt or tarragon? Maybe a drink would fuel your idea; coffee, tea or chai?

Cadbury is also throwing a few wildcards into the mix; liquorice, yoghurt, tomato, Dijon mustard and elderflower.  Probably give the last lot a miss....... 

How to beat the heat...


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