SHOCKER: Your kids will hate the fact this food is under threat from climate change!

Climate change is something that we have been aware of for decades.  We all know that the planet is warming up, which will mean the ice caps are melting.  Which in direct contradiction, will mean some areas of the planet will in fact get colder.

Who would've guessed that by 2050, a staple favourite in kids meals across the globe, could be a thing of the past. 

The humble Chicken Nugget is in threat from global warming.  Production of our favourite food is in direct danger, as food production is sure to be affected.  Chicken, cheese, lamb and fish are all thought to be affected going forward.

It's thought that the chicken will be fed a different feed, meaning some food types will escalate in price.  The humble Nugget would not be viable anymore.  Ahhhhhh sad face. 

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