TRUMP: Walk Of Fame star targeted CONTINUOUSLY

So, picture this..... you are lucky enough to be awarded a star on the legendary 'Walk Of Fame'. It's a status that is awarded to very few.

Michael Jackson, Tim Allen, Julie Andrews, Fred Astaire, Matt Damon and Marilyn Monroe have one to name a few.  Some names are hugely popular, and become a shrine to fans, whilst others become a target for a very different reason.

The POTUS was awarded his star in 2007 (for TV's 'The Apprentice'), but since being given the keys to The White House, the star has become a target and has been defaced twice. This is in addition to protesters building 'a wall' around the star and having stickers placed all over it.


Now, the West Hollywood Council are saying enough is enough, and would like the star taken away.... permanently. They have had enough of the seemingly endless attacks on the tourist hot spot.

Whilst the Hollywood Council was unanimous in it's vote to remove the star, they still have to get The Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce to agree too.  

Star Trek returnee is a franchise LEGEND!

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