Wanna be in 'Stranger Things' Season 3?

So, you love the show.  You have always wanted to be in it.  Well here is your chance.  The guys at 'Netflix' need you for the new season.

There are a few hurdles, though.  

1: You need marching band experience.

2: You need to play an instrument.  (Air Guitar doesn't cut it.  Soz)

3: You need to be in Atlanta in October.  

Here is the casting call from Netflix....

Extras may find themselves “banding together” this fall to film the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

“We are looking to cast Males & Females who have had or currently are experienced in participating in a Marching band!” a casting notice posted online for adult marching band members says.

Musical know-how is required for the aspiring extras, who can be any ethnicity and ages 18 to 30.

“You will actually play 2 songs with us (so you must know how to play your instrument),” the post explains.

If you fancy it.... Good luck!!!  Netflix online has all the details. 

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