Which 'Spice Girl' rates herself as 'not the best'?

In music news…. Who was your favourite Spice Girl? Posh, Sporty, Ginger, Baby or Scary? It’s a divisive topic isn’t it. Everyone had their favourite.


Victoria Beckham has been interviewed for the new Elle magazine, in which she drops a Spice Girls sized bomb shell, she doesn’t think she was the best Spice Girl. She felt she wasn’t the best singer or dancer. Actually, not being funny, she’s not alone there.

She did go on to say she loved those days, but a reunion with her involvement wouldn’t happen. We reported on the show last year how she was blocking the use of the name with the three remaining members, with them having to go under the name GEM, standing for Geri, Emma and Mel (as in B). Mel C also refused to be a part of the reunion.

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