You're more likely to become a millionaire, IF your name is.........

There is a real science behind this research. We all know how difficult it is to choose the name of a new born.  Did you know though, that some names make it 'more likely' that you'll end up with a stack of cash in your bank account.

Linda Rosenkrantz has been helping parent choose names for their kids for years.  With this sort of back ground, she has put together a list of the names most likely to get you rich.

For the ladies; Alice, Gina, Jacqueline and Lauren top the list.  Whilst with the guys Mark, Larry and David do well.  It's William or it's many abbreviations that take the top spots, though.  William, Will and Bill sit pretty at the top of the pile. 

So, before you change your names.  Here are some famous 'Wills'.

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