What is the Easter Egg that has the MOST calories??!

So, Easter weekend is finally upon us.  Tomorrow, we'll be cracking open those Easter Eggs and scoffing to our hearts content.

However....... if someone what was the most calorific egg, what would you say?  While most of us purposely choose not to think about calories at all, it might be worth a quick check as some of those eggs are a lot worse than others. The true answer, may surprise you.

  • Cadbury Chopped Nut Easter Egg - 2,977 calories
  • Hotel Chocolat Extra-Thick Rocky Road Easter Egg - 2,865 calories
  • Cadbury XL Crème Egg Easter Egg - 2,459 calories

Whilst the ones that contain the least calories, or the healtier options (as we like to call them) are;

  • Lindt Medium Gold Bunny - 1,100 calories
  • Cadbury Egg & Spoon Oreo - 764 calories
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs - 444 calories
  • Kinder Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Mini Eggs - 437 calories
  • Crème Egg - 177 calories
  • Malteaster Bunny - 156 calories