Football Refs: Time to mic them up?

Swansea Sounds Real Sports Phone In

Friday, February 28th, 2020 - 47 minutes

The main topic of conversation on this week's podcast includes the standard of refereeing in Swansea's game against Fulham on Wednesday night. We spoke to Anthony O'Connell who commentates on Swansea's games for the Swansea City website - he advocates refs being mic'd up as in rugby so that fans know what their team is being penalised for. Aaron was the same, he wants to see refs mic'd up, he thinks there needs to be greater transparency between officials and fans. Dean said standards in reffing have been poor for a long time, its not just Swansea who's affected.The legend John Hartson explained all about the Mcdonalds Grassroots football awards and we heard of a great new initiative that gets kids with disabilities involved with football. All that & more on this week's podcast.