Wiggy Beat The Jock Drivetime

Win a Swansea Sound Drivetime "Bag Of Magic" Can you work out our competitions?! 

Fabulous fun in the afternoon, have a go at work, rest.........or play.

Another GREAT day for this jock as we seem to have you stumped with the latest round of "Beat The Jock"

It was "Beat It" today, just the one bar of drums from a very popular tune we play here on Swansea Sound

but what is it?

Today's guesses from the show some good ones today

More guesses on Tuesday's Drivetime..cross these off your list!




Call me tomorrow 3.15ish your chance to win!







How did you get on today? More chances for you to win that drivetime bag of magic tomorrow!












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Email@ steve.wiggins@swanseasound.co.uk


Always great to hear from you...it's your show! 

Thanks as always for listening hope you enjoy.