About Swansea Till I Die


Swansea Till I Die is the essential weekly show for all Swansea City supporters!

As a trial for all the listeners who've requested a podcast of the show, here's an MP3 file of Friday's last show of the season. 


Hear the new Swans song by local singer songwriter Karl Morgan.


Listen to  Be Loud 'n' Proud (We Won the Capital Cup) by Des Elsey




It's a lively phone-in show for Swans fans to discuss Swansea City, the Premier League, the referees and anything to do with the great game.

Claire Pearson's in the studio as anchor and referee for the night's talk and phone-in show.

In the studio, we have football pundits and bloggers Matt Barroccu @LMScreamer and Ben Charles @charlo199 to take your calls and discuss the finer points of the game.

As well as looking back at the week's matches and previewing the weekend ahead with club management and players, there's a comprehensive rundown of all the news from the Liberty Stadium.

But for this show, the most important people are the fans. We want your views on Swans players, the club, the referee and the best and worst of times supporting the ups and downs of your club.

We're on air from 6pm to 7pm every Friday, so give us a call on 01792 893031 during the show, or tweet @swanseasound  

 Swansea Till I Die - your only programme that's 100% Swans, on Swansea Sound.