Did you know?

Get the inside scoop on Renewable energy

• Wind farms actually generate energy 70-85% of the time!

• Renewable energy uses the wind, the rain, or the sun as fuel to generate power – that’s fuel which is abundant and free!

• So, every unit of energy generated from renewables is one less generated from fossil fuels, helping prevent thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere

• RWE Innogy UK operates more wind power in Wales than anyone else

• Its Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm in Swansea will have just 16 wind turbines, but will be capable of generating enough energy to power the equivalent of around 25,000 homes

• It’s not just electricity that comes from wind farms and other renewables! Mynydd y Gwair, for example could potentially create around 100 jobs a year while it’s being built, put nearly £240,000 a year for 25 years into the community, plus around £8million into the local economy through contracts with businesses.

Here are some useful websites to help get you started:

- www.rweinnogy.com/mynyddygwair

- www.rweinnogy.com/supportonshore

- www.renewableuk.com

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